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Battle of Flowers Laredo (Spain)

Photograpy: Alvaro Bolivar

Since 1908 there is a unique floral parade in Laredo – Spain (Cantabria). The Batalla de Flores (Battle of Flowers) is celebrated at the end of August and this year, on August 24th, the 109th edition is held. Around the Alameda Miramar (Laredo’s central park) large and small floats parade, both valued in different competitive categories (A and B). The floats are entirely covered with flowers, carnations and dahlias mainly, but you can also find chrysanthemums and magnolia leaves on the floats. Very characteristic for the Laredo floats are the the sticking of the petal, where the volunteers of Laredo cover the petals one by one on the detailed figures. On a European tour of floral parades, Laredo is good place to visit.

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